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Chrome - 5 Decades of American hot rods and musclecars

The 4 DVDs in this set are described below and feature

* 4-DVD collector's set
* 4 hours of spectacular footage
* Enjoy the history of the automotive industry in the USA

DVD 1 - Odd Rods & Orphans

Packards, Hudsons, Edsels, Corvairs and other orphan brands are making a comeback with hobbyists. Meet the proud owners of these uncommon, and no longer underappreciated, classics, customs and hot rods.

DVD 2 - Drive-In Delights

Think roller skates, Elvis on the radio and thick chocolate shakes. Head to the drive-in for a taste of the past in this look at some of the coolest classics, from hot rods to high-dollar cruisers.

DVD 3 - Rat Rods & Traditionals

Rat Rods rule the road! They may not be shiny like their custom cousins, but many of these true hot rods have some very modern technology hiding just below their layers of primer and rust

DVD 4 - Lowriders & Bombs

Low and slow is the mantra of this crowd. Fully accessorized cars from the 1930s and 40s to the ground-scraping luxury rides of the 60s are featured in this ode to proud boulevard cruisers.

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